Eckermann Drums
Eckermann Drums
Riqq / Def
The Riqq is a small Oriental tambourine, generally 23cm in diameter, and is highly regarded as the most important and artistic drum in classical music from all of the Middle East. One of the great masters of the classical riqq is Nabil Khaiat (Sabah Fahkri, Rabih Abou-Khalil) from  Damascus.
An extremely difficult drum to master, it can produce sounds and textures to compliment a variety of music, not just limited to Oriental music. 
Traditionally the drum is covered with fish skin, with 10 pairs of small brass cymbals.  To accommodate climate conditions and to allow for a special tuning system, Eckermann Riqqs are covered with goat skin, which are selected for each drum depending on the quality of sound desired.  The  cymbals made of brass,  are selected for the style of music the riqq is to be prepared for.  In addition to Oriental music, the riqq can also be found in early music from Europe.  Pedro Estevan (Jordi Savall) from Madrid is one of the most noted players in this genre.
Riqq Details:

Eckermann Drums goatskin membrane
beech shell

in-frame integrated tuning system
brass cymbels

Riqq, shell depth 6cm / 2½"
standard diameters
Ø 23 cm / Ø 9"
Ø 25 cm / Ø 9½"

Ø 30 cm / Ø 10"
Optional features
recessed grip
changing mechanism for cymbals (requires minimum shell depth of 7.5cm/3'')
special skins and shells according to individual needs upon request
Capella Antiqua Bambergensis
CD Klang der Stauffer: Rolandskvadet
Nora Thiele: Riqq 23 S, Hamina Davul
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Mehmet Emin Bitmez: Oud
Jarrod Cagwin: Riqq 23 SC
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