Eckermann Drums
Eckermann Drums
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Eckermann Custom Drumset
Eckermann Mizhar 55.10 C 
Eckermann Creature Drum 35.10 SC
Eckermann Uzbeki Bendir 
Moving Cloud
Their Latest CD: "Welcome: Who are you"
"Moving Cloud" play at Iceland National TV
Their second CD: "Chilling On A Sunday"
The Trio Oisin Walsh, Rune Cygan Barslund, Aske Fuglsang Rune ... and "A Funky Spider" ... on stage.
The ambitious percussionists from the next step have been livening up the music scene for more than nine years now and work a variety of different stages with equal professionalism...
the next step are:
Jarrod Cagwin
Franz Köhle
Charly Mair
Stefan Schwarzenberger
Georg Tausch
Christian Tschuggnall
Their latest CD "Bacchanal" !


CD "Bacchanal": "Amadinda 15" (excerpt)

The Next Step, 2008 


CD "Bacchanal" : "Le Cadeau Berbère"
The Next Step, 2008

The loveley voice of  "Arianna Savall"

Capella Antiqua Bambergensis, CD "Klang Der Staufer"
Eckermann DRUMS
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